March 30, 2023
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Name YUR – Make Fitness A Game
Category Health & Fitness
Popularity 2062
Publisher YUR Inc
Score 6.0
Publish Date 28/07/2022
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Mod Info:

YUR – Make Fitness A Game

YUR – Make Fitness A Game Game Introduction :

YUR makes fitness a game no matter how you like to stay fit. Whether you\’re playing a VR title or doing an outdoor workout, YUR is designed to keep you motivated by tracking your progress and automatically analyzing activity for you.

You have 2 ways to get started with YUR:

1) Connect your wearable or fitness tracking app to start earning XP, tracking calories burned, heart rate, workout duration, and more. YUR also tracks your steps throughout the day!

– We are compatible with Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit, Strava, and more! (You can check the full list on our support page,

2) If you have a VR headset, download YUR on Steam and then log into our mobile app for the most convenient way to track your progress across all VR activity.

– Download YUR on Steam Here: (requires a PC)

– Compatible across all VR headsets (Oculus Quest via Air Link)


Use YUR to track progress doing all sorts of activities such as:

– VR gaming

– Yoga

– Running

– Walking

– Hiking

– Swimming

– Weightlifting

– Sports

and more!


Join Public Challenges and see how you stack up on the global stage, or invite your friends to a 1v1 fitness battle to keep each other motivated.


Compete against yourself to reach Lvl 60 each month! We use your biometric data to help to create a goal for you that is both challenging and achievable.


Unlock unique achievements designed to help you accomplish your activity goals.


Stay on top of your goals and monitor all of your friends activity.


Get deep insights on your progress and see exactly what activities work best for you through visualizations and daily, weekly, and lifetime stats.

YUR – Make Fitness A Game Game screenshot :

YUR - Make Fitness A Game Game screenshot  1

YUR - Make Fitness A Game Game screenshot  2

YUR - Make Fitness A Game Game screenshot  3

YUR - Make Fitness A Game Game screenshot  4

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