March 30, 2023
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Name Sword
Category Adventure
Size 89.5MB
Popularity 6287
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 07/04/2022
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Mod Info:

Sword AD Remove-Free Rewards

Sword Game Introduction :

\”Sword, teenager\”
\”The owner of the death, he is clear, not letting others holding me!\”
\”Oh! You are all in this way, I am so dazzling.\”
\”Come and pull up my people are the top, what type has seen World of Warcraft, Sword, Shrem, Oh, there is a newcomer!\”
\”The dead owner is getting stronger and stronger, death is dead, why do you want me to accompany you!\”
\”The owner realized more skills, learned more attack, stronger range\”
\”Oh .. God. This will go. Who is his opponent, this way, when I can have a new owner!\”
Finally, one day, a powerful enemy appeared, sitting on the tree, staring at me,
I excitedly faced red, I am crazy shaking my body, indicating my flexibility.
I didn\’t expect the male owner nodded, let me go, he chose a good master for me.
It turns out .. He has been a powerful owner for me
He is in front of me: \”From the moment I once fell, let my favorite sword guard, I know that I don\’t have to have you, let\’s go, the owner must accompany your life.\”

Sword Game screenshot :

Sword(AD Remove-Free Rewards) Game screenshot  1

Sword(AD Remove-Free Rewards) Game screenshot  2

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