January 29, 2023
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Name Communia
Category Social
Size 98.3MB
Popularity 4870
Publisher Restless Network LLC
Score 6.0
Publish Date 21/05/2022
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Communia Game Introduction :

Welcome to Communia.

We’re the social networking app building a better digital world for women and non-binary-folx.

We’re a safe space for anyone who’s tired of the internet revolving around the male gaze. Communia is a place for you to spark meaningful connections, access community support and find resources + tools to get you through life’s best (and worst) moments. Whether you’re reading this on your way to work, crying in the bathroom stall (we’ve all been there), or planning your next adventure – we’re here to support.

Be your unedited self on Communia. All users are verified by human moderators, which means no trolls, no bots and no fake accounts. Share your experience, your wisdom and your opinions on topics from #MeToo to Mental Health and everything in between. Crowdsource advice from thousands of women+ who really get it, and support others on their journeys too.

It’s only when we tell our stories that the narrative starts to change.

Now introducing: Communia Self – a new feature within the Communia app acting as a digital self development toolbox, starting with a collaborative, totally customizable, multi-media journal soon to be integrated with habit and emotional tracking.

Use the Self section to journal privately or publicly depending on your mood. Share your journals with the world or keep entries to yourself.

Completely customize your aesthetic and create a journal that fits your vibe.

Access journal prompts & templates for those moments you might need support or guidance.

Create collaborative journals with your friends to encourage one another, hold each other accountable, and stay on track together. Elevate those career aspirations, share mindfulness techniques and achieve your goals as a group.

Discover journals by thousands of like-minded women+ and follow your faves!

Communia Self is revolutionising how we work on ourselves, whether that’s a solo or shared journey. Who says self-care has to be lonely?

This is our digital utopia.

CURATION – We’re a mindful social networking app, and you’re in charge. Customize your newsfeed and only engage with the content that you want to see. Follow your fave topics and people, curate your space, and build a digital world that works for you.

CONNECTION – We’re all about growing a community for connection, not for clout. Whether you’re looking for friendship, networking or advice, there’s something for everyone. Join topical public feeds to connect authentically over shared interests, and DM 1:1 or in group chats.

RESOURCES – We’re busting taboos, boo! Discover our resources to access information that really helps. Find expert-led content on Sex and Relationships, Mental Health, Work & Money, #MeToo and more – this is your safe space to learn and grow.

SUPPORT – We’re changing how people use social media. Wave goodbye to follower counts, the pressure to get likes, and so much more. We reward users for helping others. So join the conversation in your very own digital support network! This is a place to share your thoughts, give support to others, and ask for advice when you need it. All in a safe space, full of women who really get it.

Because we’re committed to creating a better digital world in all ways, we don’t sell user data or allow advertisements on the app.

Here’s to doing social media right, to never having to navigate our journeys alone, and always being a part of our Communia.

Communia Game screenshot :

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