January 29, 2023
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Name Code:Replicant
Category Simulation
Size 40.7MB
Popularity 1337
Publisher Genius Inc
Score 6.0
Publish Date 14/06/2022
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Code:Replicant Game Introduction :

Code:Replicant MOD APK is an interactive novel game with dramatic, thrilling mixed with romance. You will have the opportunity to meet and make friends, be lovers with dangerous, but handsome men, and also possess an extremely cool personality.

Introduce about Code:Replicant

Discover the truth about your past and save the one you love


In Code:Replicant, you’ll play as a young girl. After narrowly escaping a kidnapping, you immediately find yourself drawn into another world. This place had advanced and superhuman science far beyond what he had known in the past. The person who saves you from the other kidnap is 3 young, handsome boys and all 3 possess deadly fighting skills. These three boys will in turn open up for you secrets that you have never known before, including the secret of your true identity and the reason why you were kidnapped and hunted so fiercely.

The story progresses with many complications, difficult situations constantly occur that make you have to choose between reason and emotion, between interests and morality. Over time, you’ll develop feelings for more than friends with one of the three initially attractive guys. And with it all, will go into an intense battle related to your past. A bigger secret will open, can you discover the truth about your past and save the one you love in time?

Attractive main characters

Code:Replicant has an impressive way of building characters. Although it is an interactive novel game, the game’s plot is okay, quite angry, and has good logic. Specifically, the three handsome replicants in the story, through their sentences, shapes, and facial expressions, each have their own personality and story. Following each part of the dialogue, you will realize that each of them has many hidden secrets. And if through your choices, you have not built a deep enough relationship, these secrets will not be known, and it is your shortcoming if you want to get to the bottom of this story.

The first character is A-15 – The Perfect Soldier. This character can proficiently use a variety of lethal weapons and has a high tactical mind. A-15 has practically become an adversary’s weapon, once manipulated by a malevolent force. This character with a deadly charm rarely shows his emotions, everything through his facial expression, those eyes seem to be frozen. But it’s strange that with you, he can freely reveal everything, including the secret things inside, and doesn’t be afraid to sacrifice his life to protect you. Is there a reason behind it or is it just pure emotion? Only you can decipher this secret.

The second character is C-02 – The Lost Boy. He was recruited by the organization to turn into a fighting and infiltration machine. C-02 is both dangerous and seductive in his own way. But unlike A-15, he is bright, sharp, cheerful in spirit, always eager to win, conceited, and thinks that no one can defeat him. The closer you get to this person, the more you realize beneath that arrogant, triumphant exterior is a lost soul, always eager to find loved ones, roots, and seek connection from the people next to them. Do you want to be the medicine for this man’s heart, is that lonely heart full of pain where you want to find refuge?

The last character of the story is Andrew – The Spy. This is someone who has had many predestined relationships with you since a long time ago. Two years ago you were interviewing Andrew for your role as a teaching assistant at the university. The boy who thought he was just romantic did not expect to have a double life. After the kidnapping incident, Andrew finally revealed his true identity. But does that make you distrustful? Or do you still want to give him a chance?


Code:Replicant is an interactive novel game, with traditional gameplay, nothing new and different. You follow the events in the game, like reading a novel. And in those developments, there will be many choices to be made, you are the only one to decide. The choices seem easy at first, but later on, as you get deeper into relationships with guys, problems will start to arise. You are constantly faced with dilemmas, straddling the lines of Friendship and Love, Ethics and Interests, Reason and Affection. At this point, the new decisions are really heavy.

They are even heavier when just one choice, you have taken your life to another turn. The story from here changes and will open up many new paths for our characters. Code:Replicant will have multiple endings, depending on your choices.

There is indeed nothing new in the gameplay, but it is the story, the art of leading the situation, and the way the character is built in Code: Replicant that is what makes it difficult for players to take their eyes off the screen.

There are many situations where you seem to find yourself, especially when you are hesitant to switch from friendship to love. Or when faced with circumstances of choosing to believe or not believe, the softness in which everyone must have experienced.

Code:Replicant Game screenshot :

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