March 26, 2023
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Name Airport Simulator Tycoon
Category Simulation
Size 137.4MB
Popularity 6811
Publisher Playrion
Score 6.0
Publish Date 14/06/2022
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Airport Simulator Tycoon Unlimited Money

Airport Simulator Tycoon Game Introduction :

Airport Simulator Tycoon MOD APK is a simulation game for airport management and operation, where you will constantly face a lot of long-term, short-term, and macro-strategic decisions. From infrastructure to customers, flights, airport services, and many other aspects…all need proper attention from time to time. Are you ready for the role of Airport Manager?

Introduce about Airport Simulator Tycoon

The simulation game for Airport Management & Operations with so many intuitive and rich activities

About Airport Simulator Tycoon

The game was developed by the team who made the simulation game Airlines Manager Tycoon which is also quite famous on mobile with deep strategic elements. This time, in Airport Simulator Tycoon, you will be doing everything more COMPREHENSIVELY.

As the Airport Manager, you must do a lot to ensure the smooth day-to-day operations and business direction of the airport in the future. Your activities will include signing contracts, expanding airport services, customer care, managing airline partnerships, and controlling flight schedules… But those are just a few of the things that need to be done in this rich simulation game.

Build and operate infrastructures of the airport

To ensure that your airport is always in good, efficient operating condition, and free from wear, deterioration, or out-of-date technology, you need to consider decisions regarding building and upgrading infrastructure inside and outside the airport.

You will be the strategic planner of the airport’s infrastructure: building terminals, airport aprons, airport runway, aircraft taxiway, fuel stations, catering plants, registrations, security checks, boarding gate, passport control, coffee shop, airport decoration… All aim to keep the airport in top condition, ready to welcome all kinds of visitors. Moreover, it makes your airport a foundation to call for potential sources of investment and cooperation.

Control passenger flow and maximize passengers’ satisfaction

You control and manage the flow of passengers from welcoming them to ensuring infrastructure comfort and profitability by increasing PAX at airport stores. Control everything from passenger volume to air traffic control and system organization: check-in, security and boarding desks, flight schedules, and boarding. It may seem like a lot of small things, but if done well, they will automatically become a process, so later you do not need to work hard to control every little bit.

To deliver the best passengers’ pleasure, you’ll always need to consider service quality, runways, flight schedules, flight crew members, check-ins and delays, customer complaints, and control of whether the boarding procedure is correct or not, and the reasons for the delays. All these things need to be taken into account to ensure the future development potential of the airport. In the end, passengers are still the key to profit.

Schedule flights

Arranging the daily flight schedule is also a significant part of the Airport Manager’s job. You need to schedule your flights 2 weeks in advance. Also, check with the staff to see if the number of passengers booked for the flight hours is enough for the expected number of flights.

Profitable business and smart management

The most important thing lies in the Passengers and then the Partners stage. On the partner side, you’ll make strategic decisions and conclude dozens of airline partnerships, manage contracts, and maintain those relationships. On the customer side, it is essential to ensure the airport can support all the needs of passengers and continuously upgrade services to ensure faster processes and higher profits. All is for the core: bring outstanding comfort to the passengers compared to other rival airports.

Optimizing areas in the airport

Food stalls, massage stalls, souvenir and duty-free shops, overnight resorts, children’s play areas, airport money changers, or public phone booths. From time to time, there will be different pressing needs that motivate you to maintain, promote or build new airport-related services.

Note that construction and investment require a lot of money, so consider carefully before doing it.

Business strategy development and partner management

This is one of the most important stages of an airport director. You will determine your airport strategy by balancing low-cost flights with high-cost flights. Also, you need to make decisions about flight types: regular and charter flights, short- and medium-haul aircraft, and the possibility of opening general air routes. Balance, stability, and meeting many different requirements of many passenger groups are the criteria you need to think about when building a business strategy for the airport.

Besides, another aspect of long-distance macro management will be the relationship between you and the airport partners. You will need to consider which partners you choose to contract with to secure your airport operations and services for now and in the future. You may need to sign additional flights to your existing contract with partner A, find a new partner, or add new terms on a mutually beneficial basis with your old partners.

You also need to maintain your partnerships. Every flight brings a special bonus, which is the driving force to connect you and your quality partners. But it also must be balanced with revenue and time of year because if you sign too many flights, you face the risk of not being able to maintain enough numbers. It’s better to slow down than to harm the partnership by breaking the contract.

Financial management

Business in any form must be profitable. Therefore, regular monitoring and management of the airport’s cash flow in and out are essential. You need to keep track of financial activity in the Ledger. The numbers will tell you about the income and expenses and it helps you calculate the profit from the airport. Therefore, you can anticipate which infrastructure is underperforming, thereby making more strategic decisions in the investment or reconstruction of airport infrastructure.

Airport Simulator Tycoon Game screenshot :

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