March 26, 2023
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Name 99 Names of Muhammad
Category Education
Size 11.6MB
Popularity 3586
Publisher Deltron Systems
Score 6.0
Publish Date 18/05/2022
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Mod Info:

99 Names of Muhammad

99 Names of Muhammad Game Introduction :

99 Names of Muhammad

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (May Peace be Upon Him) is the last prophet sent by Allah. Muhammad is an Arabic word which means “the praised one”. Almighty Allah has mentioned this name four times in the holy book of Quran. However, there are many names attributing to Muhammad in Quran & Hadith out of which 99 Noble Names of Muhammad are renowned.

In Arabic, these noble names are called “Asma ul Nabi” means the names of Prophet. This application will show the 99 names of Muhammad with meanings in a graphical form while names can be listen as well in a beautiful recitation.

Features of app “99 names of Muhammad”
• 99 names of Muhammad in Urdu
• 99 names of Muhammad in Arabic
• 99 names of Muhammad in English
• Meaning of each name in Urdu & English
• Audio recitation of each name as a separate recording
• Attractive and well written fonts
• Easy to learn 99 Names of Muhammad
• Easy to memorize 99 names of Muhammad
• Fabulous background graphics

99 Names of Muhammad Game screenshot :

99 Names of Muhammad (PBUH) Game screenshot  1

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